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Who am I
My name is Tom Peters, 30 years old, and genital warts-free for over a year now. Happily in love and enjoying life again. However, this wasn’t the case up until a year ago. For over 5 years I couldn’t get rid of my genital warts, despite trying multiple treatments and home remedies.

After verifying my condition with the doctor I started with the topical solution: Condolyne. This solution was so aggressive. It went from bad to worst, from inflammation to blisters & skin burns. Next, on my doctor’s advice, I started with Aldara cream. Unfortunately, it did absolutely nothing and it was crazy expensive.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and tried some home remedies like applying castor oil and apple cider vinegar. All without success… 

Next, I went researching studies for several months. I stumbled upon a new study which acclaimed to have treated 100% of their research population. All patients got rid of their genital warts and cleared the human papillomavirus (HPV) out of the affected skin. This is what you want, not just getting rid of genital warts, but also getting rid of HPV in your skin. So genital warts won’t come back in the future.

The treatment
My first thought was: “This is too good to be true”. A 100% success rate with genital warts not coming back. With some skepticism, I ordered the medicines and started the treatment, which consists of applying a gel and a supplement. The gel isn’t harmful to your skin and the supplement is made out of 100% natural ingredients, so why not just try it?

Within one month my genital warts were gone! I could not believe how easy this was and how quickly they were gone, completely pain-free. Finally, for the first time in 5 years genital warts-free! Still amazed by the quick results, I had to make sure to complete the 6-month treatment in order for genital warts to stay away and get HPV out of the affected skin.

After 6 months I finished the treatment and did a biopsy to see if the HPV was really out of the affected skin. And yes, no more HPV, so no more genital warts!

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My mission
I was so amazed by my own results and the 100% success rate this research has for getting rid of genital warts. I thought, how is this information almost impossible to find on the internet? 

This information needs to be spread, fellow sufferers need to know about this treatment, so they can get rid of genital warts as well.

I contacted the researchers of the study, which acknowledged the fact that it was impossible to find on the internet. So with their full support, I created an Ebook that contains all the information about the treatment I have done to get rid of genital warts (and HPV), pain-free and with results in 20 to 30 days.

So now I want to reach out to as many fellow sufferers as possible, so we can prevent (or at least limit) the spread of this horrible condition. However, to be able to reach out to as many people as possible I have to ask for a donation, so even more people can be reached and the website and ebook can be maintained.

In the meanwhile I helped hundreds of people getting rid of genital warts and HPV and doing continuous research amongst people who did this treatment, to track the results. Which are stunning!

People helped by this treatment

How can I get the ebook?

Because I know your pain, discomfort, and shame, I am offering you a discount on the ebook. But only on one condition. You participating in my research, which is completely anonymous. So, if you want to participate in this research I can offer you the ebook from $39.95 for $19.95.

Genital Warts Treatment Ebook

The most successful treatment
of Genital Warts (and HPV)

This ebook contains all the information you need to get rid of genital warts with this successful genital warts treatment. Find out which medicines are used, where to get them, and how often to take/apply them.

Scientific research with a 100% success rate

Results within 20 to 30 days

No returning genital warts

No pain or discomfort

100% natural ingredients in supplements

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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I am not giving medical advice and should not be treated as medical advice. You must not rely on the information in the ebook as an alternative to medical advice from an appropriately qualified professional. Although the genital warts treatment in the study shows a success-rate of 100%, a positive result is not guaranteed. Read the complete disclaimer here.